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Waypoint Brittanys
  Proudly announces the repeat breeding between two top bred dogs, Waypoint Chance's Jesse and DB Cooper. (see pedigree below)

A video of a previous litter's first water experience!

Bonus Video!
Do puppies always rotate counterclockwise as they eat?

DB Cooper
DB Cooper
Waypoint Chance's Jesse

Chance's Jessie

DB Cooper has competed in field trials since he was a puppy and continues to bring home placements. DB has also been hunted over and finds game when no other dogs do. He is a beautiful roan and has sired two other litters with pups in field trials, hunting, and pet homes. He has been professionally trained by Tom Tracy, Jr. and Maurice Lindley.

Jesse is out of our star breeding between Chancey Jackpot Lotto and Last Dixie Chick. She went to a home that was unable to give her a start in the field and came back to us. She is an excellent bird dog and was professionally trained by Maurice Lindley who called her a "true bird dog".


Jesse's pups @ 6 weeks old

Pups from July 4th

Waypoint Brittanys' Litter
and here are some BONUS
photos from our Iphones



Puppies 05.28.2011
Cooper's Ozark Traveler
Cooper's Ozark Traveler
FC/AFC Blaze Dakota Trucker DC Silver Lake's Wishes Blaze NFC/1xCH Beans Blaze
FC/AFC Timber's Little Wish
Rhapsody's Rambling Rose FC Rimarda's Rhapsody
Alliar's Bonnie Kate
FC Mo Kan Razzle Dazzle FC Mo Kan Playboy FC Rimarda's Rhapsody
FC Maximum Express
Ten-K Katy Lobo's Blazn Rock Candy
Top Gun Annie
White Lightning XV
OFA Excellent
Chubasco II
FC Shady's Lil' Clipper FC Chesany's Sawtooth Rim Runner
BBB Delta Dream
Spotlight II Powell's Buzzsaw
BBB Scip-A-Jigger O'Brandy
Lobo's Scipio's Dream NFC/AFC Microdot FC Micro Chip
Scipio's Super Jet
Lobo's Blazin Sugar Cookie NFC/1xCH Beans Blaze
DC Lobo's Sugar Babe
( DAM )
FC,5xCH Chancey Jackpot Lotto

2x Champioin Deep South Brittany Free For All Championship & 1x Champion Amateur Deep South Brittany Free For All
Hired Gun Lucas FC Chickamin's Repeat FC/AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner Bullet Proof II
Lester's Whiskey Talk
DC Chickamin's Chicklet FC Beans Blaze
DC Scipio's Little Chick
FC/AFC Blazing Can-Dee FC Beans Blaze FC AFC Sholdebrand Acres Noble
Gem State Jill
NFC/DC/AFC Lobo's Cotton Candy DC AFC Ban-Dee Britt's Red Jinx
Dajo's Cindy Lou
Rooster's Lttle Bambino Boomshakalaka DC Brewster D'Roosterbooster FC AFC Sholdebrand Acres Noble
Gem State Jill
FC Chick's Noble Gem FC Beans Blaze
DC Scipio's Little Chick
Laurens Lady Luck Sandlewood Dixie Bough Sandlewood Cracker Jack
Ford's Dixie Darling
Big Bucks Ginger Whittman's Big Bucks
Katy Lillies
Last Dixie Chick
FC,NGDC Last Dixie Chick

2004 National Gun Dog Champion
NAFC/FC/AFC Walker's Gunner FC Chikamin's Mr. Walker FC/AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner Bullet Proof II
Lester's Whiskey Talk
DC Chikamin's Chiklet FC Beans Blaze
DC Scipio's Little Chick
Rimini's Blaze'n Chick FC Beans Blaze FC AFC Sholdebrand Acres Noble
Gem State Jill
DC Scipio's Little Chick FC Casey's Chikamin
Scipio's Wild Cherry
FC/AFC Dixie Gambler FC Rimarda's Gambler FC/AFC Rimarda's Trademark NAFC FC AFC The Real Thing
Shiawassee Showtime Babe
Windagail's Dessert Dust FC Reed's Bo-Nine Max HOF
Desert Dee Maria
FC B-Bar-K's Jamie-Lyn of Auten FC Auten's Keystone Cop FC/AFC Radar's Buc-Shot De Ran-Bo
DC/AFC Auten's Morning Star
CH Auten's Battlestar AMI NFC/DC/AFC Cinnabar's Ami Roc De'Edwards HOF
DC Auten's Morning Star
DB Cooper

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