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Waypoint Brittanys
Special Links for us and our friends...
Please enjoy and support...
Maurice Lindley
Thank you Maurice for all of the training and help with my dogs. Hope that you are having a great time with BIG WHITE...
Ben Lorenson &
Kyle Merrill

Hope that my dogs are doing real well for you. I hope that you can run two at Nationals next year!  Yes, Camo is "special"! ;-)
Tom Tracy, Jr.
Thank you Tom for all of the help over the years, both with my dogs and with my own training. We couldn't have done it without you.
Georgia Brittany Club
Bama Brittany Club
Music City Brittany Club
International Brittany Club
Thank you my friends up north.
Dave Walker
Thank you Dave for your support. And I am still waiting for that next puppy that you owe me! ;-)
Ammos Brittanys
Thank you Sandra Leavens (and Gary) for your constant support and help.
Supporting all dogs and the sport
American Field
The original field dog registry - where the big dogs run!
Deep South Brittany Championship Association
Thank you for everything. We shall run again!
Dual Brittany Yahoo Group
All things Brittany and beyond.
American Brittany Club
Supporting the Breed

Piney Run Kennels
Martha Greenlee's kennel and a very informative website.
American Brittanty Club
The Facebook Page
Official Facebook page for the ABC
Diamond Hill Brittanys
Home of our friends Paul and Lisa Pollack and the Brittany Mafia. ;-)