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Links & Sponsors

Please click on our sponsor's logo's below to be taken to their web sites. Your support of their products and services help them support us and the sport.
Tri-tronics has been a steady supporter of all bird dog trials and especially the Deep South Brittany Free For All Championships. There isn't a pro among the bird dog training world that isn't familiar with their products and they are known for their reliability and ruggedness.
Nutro has been known for it's Super-Premium dog food since premium dog food was introduced. They have a variety of foods that are specially formulated for your dog's specific needs. is a web resource for bird dog enthusiasts and field trialers. Along with links to nearly every web site with bird dog products and services, they maintain a database of dogs that have won trials.
American Field is the administrative body that maintains the Field Dog Stud Book registry. The Free for All Championship is run under their sanction. American Field has been the definitive publication for bird dogs over the last 133 years.
Purina is America's best known dog food. Founded in 1893, Purina is the world's largest producer of dry dog food. A wide selection of products includes perfomance formulas appropriate for the nutritional needs of sporting dogs.
TBI has been a friend to the Free=for-All championships for a long time now, and have donated some of our best awards to our winners and top qualifiers. They are the experts in gun dog training equipment and supplies since 1992.

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