Deep South Brittany Championship Association
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Deep South Brittany Performance Standard

The Deep South Brittany Free-For-All Championship is seeking to name as a champion an individual who exhibits an intense desire to find birds, tempered by a maturity displayed through the proper application of speed, intelligently directed range, bird sense and nose. Responsiveness to his mounted handler is paramount, but he should hunt to the front in an independent manner without continuous direction. He should accurately locate game and indicate its presence by pointing with intensity, lofty style and staunchness. He must maintain this attitude while remaining steady to wing and shot and when afforded the opportunity, he should willingly honor a bracemate on rigid point.

As our standard indicates, we are in total agreement with the statement made by Mr. William F. Brown in his famous book entitled Field Trials:

"When starting on the course at the beginning of his heat the dog must select the likely looking cover and go to it at a rate of speed that he can maintain for the duration of the heat. He must, however, confine his casts to a reasonable distance, not beyond the control ( by voice, whistle or signal) of his handler or the officiating judges. He must hunt cover rapidly, with head high and upwind, and, if no game is found, continue in the direction of the course that is being followed by his handler..." "...He must not continue casts made at angles to the course so far as to leave his handler's control by voice, whistle or signal..."

Mr. Brown wrote these words describing the All-Age Dog, but the recent trend has been to penalize dogs who show control of their training while awarding performances that do not display this described ability to hunt the course. Our goal is to provide the Brittany with an opportunity to compete in a national calibre event that recognizes the completely finished dog.

The Deep South Brittany Championship Association was formed in 1999.

Honorary Directors
Alva Caine
C. M. "Boots" Mitchell
Birmingham, AL
Opelika, AL
Bo Ackerman
Renae Ackerman
Scott Ackerman
Ken Cherry
Betty Doherty
James Doherty
Dick Krause
Warren Montgomery
Ed Palmer
Kent Patterson
Alan Powell
Vance Schlenker
Leah Schlenker
Tim Stewart
Vic Williams
Ron Zook,
Gainesville, GA
Gainesville, GA
Gainesville, GA
Warriors Mark, PA
Mobile, AL
Mobile, AL
Milton, FL
Henderson, TN
Pike Road, AL
Franklin, TN
Warner Robbins, GA
Hattiesburg, MS
Hattiesburg, MS
Summerdale, AL
Calhoun, GA
Pataskala, OH

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