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2008 Free-For-All Champion

By Kent D. Patterson

Just Call Me Roy

When it comes to respect, there is no brittany present or past that commands more of it than Just Call Me Roy. A dog that has a modern day winning record unmatched by any that have gone before, a future first ballot Hall of Fame performer that keeps any championship in doubt until he has his time on the ground.  Holding two National Amateur Championship titles and a National Open Championship title, he adds the 2008 Deep South Brittany Free-For-All to his ever growing lists of accomplishments. His performance in the 2004 Free-For-All to earn runner-up laurels is possibly one of the finest hour performances this reporter has ever seen.  He came back and won the amateur event in 2005. He left no doubt in 2008 with two great performances in both the qualifying and championship round. A large dog, proportioned well, gaited supremely, that powers through the country and point his birds with style. He is not the type dog you worry about losing on the opening cast but you better hold on for dear life with the last cast. For owner Tom Ettinger of Londonderry, VT and professional trainer Ben Lorenson, Roy has become the standard by which others are measured. His hour is outlined in the brace summaries below.

Clyde's Microbreeze

Clyde's Microbreeze was a dog given as a gift to Lisa Podraza. Since that time, she has done her share of winning with him and the gentleman that gave her the dog decided he better marry her in order to stand in the winners circle. Paul and Lisa Pollock have a generous string of good dogs that on any day can be quite a challenge to best. Mikey was named runner-up this year after taking the same spot in 2007. A beautifully marked liver and white dog that has placed and won from the wind swept prairie to the deep south, he performs with flash and pizzazz that keeps judges looking and smiling. Under the tutelage of professional Tom Tracy, Mike's performance was far flung with well timed contacts to push the champion.

The Winner's Qualifying Round

Brace 5:
Just Call Me Roy (Roy) - Lorenson
Clyde's Microbreeze (Mikey) - Tracy

Roy and Mikey had clear blue skies and cool temps as we broke away behind the Caine home place. The weather had Roy feeling good as he spent a minute yipping and running up  kildeer as he crossed to the big oak island and disappeared down course. Mike hit the woods cut edge and went west to the same island of cover.  Roy showed in the perfect spot near the saw-tooth oaks and was found standing at 17. A flushing attempt and relocation did not produce any birds. Mike returned at 18 and we had both dogs through the Lost Pasture where Roy extended the cast west, showed at the limestone gully and was seen sailing over the hill at the lake. Mike took the southern edge and both handlers waited for a while on top of the hill without dogs. Roy was the first to return and was taken on course around the backside of the lake with Mike regaining the front as we rode through the Hamilton gate. At time, Roy disappeared along the Safford fence with Mike going east toward course 3.

Lisa Pollock, Mikey's owner, releases her dog at the breakaway

Ben collars Roy after a covey find under the eyes of judge John Kline

The Winner's & Runner-up's Championship Series

Brace 3:
Clyde's Microbreeze (Mikey) - Tracy
Piney Run Art (Artie) - Lorenson

Mike and Artie took the Safford Road edge upon release in the Suttle 40. Both crossed in front of the party near the big oak with Mike extending the cast into a large field to the north. Artie waited for his handler and made a smart cast across to a finger of cover and was moving with ease along the lines of cover that lead to Tara Hill.  Mike was wide as the party rode across Tara Hill with both dogs reaching to lines along course 1 as we dropped off the hill. They were up front and running the country as we swung behind the big pine mott. At 35, Mike was standing on a finger of cover below the saw tooth oaks, while Artie was standing 80 yards south in the saw tooth oaks. Both dogs handled their game in fashion and were cast toward Safford Road. Mike sprinted out the front and was seen from time to time along the muddy tree line, while Artie swung deeper to the east along course 1. Both dogs were a handful along the bottom of the well pasture with Mike the first to return and swing west up a tree line toward the Bramlett house to finish the hour. Artie took a bit a longer to recover and finished at moderate range near the Bramlett loop.
Lisa back at work with Mike in Round 2
Brace 4:
Ortho Acres Booker-T (Booker) - Tracy
Just Call Me Roy (Roy) - Lorenson

Booker and Roy were in and out of the fence line cover headed north as the judges and gallery settled into their saddles after a southern lunch of fried chicken and greens compliments of Ms. Johnson. Roy made the flashy move in front and around the corner as Booker went through the woods cut. We had both dogs at Coach's Corner with Roy staying on the right hand edge to the tower of power where he blistered the rim of cover leading to the lost pasture. He extended that cast perfectly on to the limestone gully. At 20, point was called for Booker in the big pine mott, several relocations finally producing a bird.  Booker was cantered to the front just as Roy was standing a large covey behind the lake with excellent style and manners in order.  Both dogs were handled through the Hamilton gate and cast down the mile long creek edge that leads to the Sedgefield fence. Roy made the difficult move look like a piece of candy and swung perfectly to the knoll. Booker made 's of the cast and crossed to the finger of cover that drops off the hill. Roy headed toward Camp No Sleep with the scout dispatched as Booker made the Bramlett Loop, finishing strongly near Hamilton Road. At 58, the faint cry of point was coming from near the well pasture where the Judges and gallery had to ride nearly 5 minutes to find Roy standing deep to the east. A small covey was moved with all manners in order. Upon release, he finished as strongly as he started up a tree line below the Bramlett house.
Ben Lorenson leads Roy to the line


Safford, Al., February 6-8, 2008

Judges: John Kline and Dave Walker
Deep South Brittany Free-For-All Championship
[45 min qualifying heat] [1 hr championship heat]
16 Brittanys

Just Call Me Roy
Brittany Male, by Piney Run Sam
X Mark's Pride of Savannah; Tom Ettinger, owner, h Ben Lorenson

Clyde's Micro Breeze
Brittany Male, by Breeze County Clyde
X Air Mika; Lisa Pollock, owner;
 h Tom Tracy Jr.


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