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2005 Free-For-All Champion

By Kent D. Patterson

Chancey Jackpot Lotto

Over the course of years, there are places that champion caliber dogs shine. Places that bring out their best performances, places where you can tell…they know this isn't just any old trial. Chancey Jackpot Lotto has chosen Tara Hill Plantation and the Deep South Free-For-All as his stage. His winning performance in 2004 was possibly the finest performance in the history of the championship. To come back a year later and best the field again is something that many didn't think possible but never count out a well prepared champion on championship grounds. He left the Suttle 40 in a hurry to explore the space below Tara Hill. A hedge row some 100 yds away from breakaway delayed him briefly as he was found standing on the western edge.

A pair of sunning birds was put to air. He sailed west from the find and was seen briefly in the bottleneck to the lake. Showing down the hill and skimming a tree line to the east, he swapped ends on a small covey that didn't want to be disturbed as Tommy fired over a stylish find. He was headed toward the big sedge field when he stopped near the horse crossing. Birds from a scattered covey were kicked up for find number 3. A championship performance is much like a dance between dog and handler and the hour was starting to take on that feel as he flowed across the big sedge field and cruised the extreme edge of course 1 leading to a find on the long tree line back to Safford Road….birds flying into cover to the west. Sailing across Safford Road with a probe deep into the well pasture, he was seen sparingly in spaces that are hard to fill up. At time, he was seen to the far front near the Bramlett loop. Owner Vic Williams smiles most all the time, but with good reason as they judges shouted "pick em up".


Alberta, Al., February 3-6, 2004
Judges: Ken Ruff and Richard Krause
Deep South Brittany Free-For-All Championship
[45 min qualifying heat] [1 hr championship heat]
38 Brittanys

Chancey Jackpot Lotto
Brittany Male, by Hired Gun Lucas
X Rooster's Little Bambino
Vic Williams & Joyce Roberts, owners
h Tom Tracy

Tequila Joker Jose Cuervo
Brittany Male, by Tequila's Joker
X Shady's Chick-N-Little; Jack Brockbank and Clem Little, owners;
h Jimmy Berneathy

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