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2004 Free-For-All Champion

By Kent D. Patterson
Chancey JackPot Lotto

The Champion and Runner-Up were in the same brace. With Roy's early stand at 2 the field trial parties were separated and never rejoined. The following is an accounting of the finest championship hour in the history of this event.

Chancey Jackpot Lotto, owned by Vic Williams and Joyce Roberts of Cumming Ga, is a big strong dog that can cover ground with the best of them. Under the tutelage of professional Tom Tracy, Chance has been steadily rising through the ranks of competitors over the past two years. His effort at Tara Hill was the most impressive championship performance in the history of this event, the 2nd most impressive being his bracemate. From his release at Tara Hill, it was obvious he was dialed in. With his speed and dimension, he was only seen twice in the first quarter of the brace, but both times he was right where he should be ….dead on course. The 2nd glimpse was him standing proud on a tree line behind the Suttle 40 with birds right in front. Upon release, he went deep to the eastern edge of the course, smoked the fence line behind the Caine home place and crossed to Tommy at Safford Road where he rimmed the lower end of the well pasture. He disappeared out the front at the Camp No Sleep gate and was found standing on the Hamilton Knoll in picturesque style as Tommy scattered birds into a setting sun. He was glued to the bottom edge of the Sedgefield Chute and found some 7 minutes later on the hard flying Hamilton Road covey. He sailed parallel to Safford Road over the last 10 minutes looking as if he had been just turned loose. A veteran of this event riding in the gallery whispered, "Since the inception of this event, I've been waiting 5 years to see that kind of performance in the Championship series".

Just Call Me Roy seems like a rather unassuming name for young dog that has been knocking on the door of major wins all year long. Tom Ettinger bred his female, Mark's Pride of Savannah to Tom and Martha Greenlee's National Amateur Champion, Piney Run Sam, resulting in a big, powerful bird dog with a deceptively fast ground-eating stride. He started with the stand at 2, with only a rabbit being moved but upon release was much like a turbo-diesel coming up to speed, it just kept getting bigger and stronger as he went to the far western edge of the course pinning the limestone gully covey at 13. Seen far to the front on a windy day where the gallery couldn't hear the handler singing made it all the more impressive as he made swing after swing to the front end. He rimmed the creek edge leading to Safford Road and spun hard as he nailed a covey hiding on the bank. Ben did the honors. The well pasture cast was of particular note, as he was seen streaking 2 tree-lines over, his white body glistening in the afternoon sun. Continually showing to the front with little handling or scouting, you got the feeling the dog was showing off much like a true champion toys with lesser foes. Through the Hamilton pasture and into the Sedgefield Chute, he was standing on the upper edge as the judge and gallery pointed him out. Ben was in a low spot on the bottom edge of the course and could not see him. The judge saw birds lift as we were riding to him with Ben firing to end the hour. Another veteran of the Deep South Brittany Free-For-All was overheard saying. "That is the finest performance I've seen at this event in 5 years".

The 2004 Deep South Brittany Free-For-All marks the 5th year of running. It has become one of the "majors" on the brittany American Field circuit. It is a championship on exquisite grounds revealing quality trial dogs. They must perform at a high level to move on to the championship series, where anything can happen. Congratulations to this years winners, they truly are champions.

Alberta, Al., February 3-6, 2004

Judges: Mike Allison and Jim Cole
Deep South Brittany Free-For-All Championship
[45 min qualifying heat] [1 hr championship heat]
32 Brittanys

Chancey Jackpot Lotto
Brittany Male, by Hired Gun Lucas
X Rooster's Little Bambino; Vic Williams & Joyce Roberts, h Tom Tracy

Just Call Me Roy
Brittany Male, by Piney Run Sam X Mark's Pride of Savannah; o Tom Ettinger, h Ben Lorenson


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