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Comments from some of our puppies new families

Hi Joy.  Thanks for the registration info.  Coach is doing great!  He has done very well with his house training, he hasn't scared the cats too badly, and he has already mastered "sit" and "lay down" and walking on his leash.  We're very proud of our boy!  He does go a little crazy every evening like clockwork at 7 pm - he gets a burst of energy and runs laps around the house and nips at us.  We're trying to find ways to tire him out every night before he gets too crazy but so far no luck!

I also wanted to let you know that he had his first vet appointment about a week and a half ago.  The vet and her technician were so impressed by the detailed records you provided on Coach.  They had such praise for you!  Apparently not all breeders are so thorough and we really hit the jackpot in finding you and Vic.
- Melissa

Elwood is such a wonderful dog & we couldn't love him more. He weighs 27 pounds, is that in line with his other litter mates? He's such a good little guy, he brings us the mail when it's dropped through the mail slot. He's very friendly and outgoing. He goes everywhere with us... he rides on the cart in Lowe's & Home Depot. And the places where he can't go in, he waits in the truck with a smile. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
- Mona

We took Scout to Sebastian’s birthday party this past weekend.  He was the focus of the party.  He did so well with all the kids and their parents.
- Diane

We've had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying some down time (as much as you can with a puppy and 2 year old). Noah and Penny are the best of buds and Noah likes to try out is hand at doggy commands now. Penny can sit, lay down and stay at the moment. We are still working on the jumping but she is getting better. We have the whole backyard fenced in but we've also trained her on the electric fence for the front yard when we're out playing. I think she is one of the most trainable dogs ever and is so affectionate. She has a great life here and received lots of presents for Christmas too. We hope you have a great new year!

- Shannon, Josh, Noah and Penny

...Also he LOVES the grandbaby.. if we even come back smelling like the baby he is all sniffing around us. When we have brought the baby to him, he has been super calm and gentle and not jumping or biting or anything like that. I was very proud of him for being such a good boy with the baby.  He also LOVES to have his neck rubbed/scratched. He will twist his head left or right depending on which side you are rubbing and he just seems to melt in your hands. LOL what a sweet boy he is :)

What a great litter you guys have there. Your dogs are SO BEAUTIFUL. Great photos.  I'm sure Alton remembers chasing those quail into the bushes with miss Lola that afternoon and playing in the big puppy pool.  I wish you guys continued success with Waypoint.
- Baron

A Note From Us to All of our New Friends and Family

We want to thank everyone who has been so kind to send us updates on how our pups have become members of your families.  When we send one of our pups out into the world it is like seeing one of our children leave home.  Hearing from you lightens up our day.

-Vic & Joy