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DB Cooper

We fell in love with DB as soon as we saw him as a puppy. It's not only his coloration and markings that make him a unique and unusual dog, but his boundless energy, super intensity, and his joy to please you that make him special.

DB Cooper is one of the few "naturally talented" bird dogs. In his first year while in South Dakota he came down with a serious disease (Nocardiosis or Actinimycosis). This took him out of training and in the hospital for 3 weeks of intensive care and then months of confinement to low energy activity.

Then in his first trial at the Spring 2005 Georgia Brittany Club Trial he surprised everyone with a near all-age performance which did not place because of the lack of bird work. Then at his second trial at the 2005 Bama Brittany Club Trial he took first place and repeated his blue ribbon performance at the 2005 Music City Brittany Club Trial.

This is a dog to watch in the future. I expect you will see his name a lot on the placement lists.

D.B. Cooper is named after a famous villain! Click Here to see more.


Owned by Vic Williams & Joyce Roberts

Pedigree for
DB Cooper
D. B. Cooper

Cooper's Ozark Traveler
FC/AFC Blaze Dakota Trucker DC Silver Lake's Wishes Blaze NFC/1xCH Beans Blaze

FC/AFC Timber's Little Wish

Rhapsody's Rambling Rose FC Rimarda's Rhapsody

Alliar's Bonnie Kate

FC Mo Kan Razzle Dazzle FC Mo Kan Playboy FC Rimarda's Rhapsody

FC Maximum Express

Ten-K Katy Lobo's Blazn Rock Candy

Top Gun Annie

White Lightning XV
OFA Excellent
1xCH/2xRU/FC/AFC Chubasco II FC Shady's Lil' Clipper FC Chesany's Sawtooth Rim Runner

BBB Delta Dream

Spotlight II Powell's Buzzsaw

BBB Scip-A-Jigger O'Brandy

Lobo's Scipio's Dream NFC/AFC Microdot FC Micro Chip

Scipio's Super Jet

Lobo's Blazin Sugar Cookie NFC/1xCH Beans Blaze

DC Lobo's Sugar Babe

DB after being clipped for summer camp in South Dakota


1st Place - Open Derby
2005 Spring Trial - Bama Brittany Club
(only second time in a trial)

1st Place - Open Derby
2005 Spring Trial - Music City Brittany Club

1st Place - Amateur Gun Dog
2009 Fall Trial - Bama Brittany Club

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